Sedentary Behavior/Federal

Restrict Screen Time​

Action steps to limit unhealthy beverages nationwide include:

  1. Advocate for limits on screen time in child care and after school programs that receive federal funding

    Child care and after school programs that receive federal funding should limit children's screen time to no more than two hours per day, taking into account the fact that some children also have screen time at home.  After school programs (including comprehensive community sport and recreation programs) should be supported, along with policies that allow for community and school facilities to be open after hours.  Opportunities for physical activities should be available to all children and youth at reasonable costs, and access to recreation facilities should be equally available to both sexes.

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  2. Advocate for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations that limits the amount of television programming that targets children

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should work to reduce children's television programming hours each day.  In addition, the FCC should limit commercial advertising on children's programming to no more than five to six minutes per hour, which would decrease the current amount by 50 percent, and prohibit interactive food advertising to children in digital TV and online platforms.

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  3. Advocate with FTC for stronger regulations on food marketed to children

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should work to limit and regulate the unhealthy food products advertised specifically to children during children's programming.  The FTC should ban advertising for food of minimal nutritional value during programming that is viewed predominantly by young children. 

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