Possible tweet/caption: Bump up your toddler's fruit and veggie
​consumption by letting him choose between 2 healthy snacks.
Possible tweet/caption: #DYK? Babies may need to try a food
10 to 15 times over several months before they accept it.

​​​Possible tweet/captio​n: #DYK? Sugary drinks add unneeded
calories to a baby's diet and can harm her teeth. 

Possibl​e tweet/caption: #DYK? Relying on feeding every time 
a baby cries can set her up for unhealthy habits later on.

Possible tweet/caption: Try t​o stay calm at mealtimes — even
   when your baby makes a mess! Get more tips for success http://bit.ly/2wWCCwr #ResponsiveFeeding

P​ossible tweet/caption: Pregnant? Keep eating a variety of healthy
foods to nourish your growing baby and expose him to lots of flavors.  ​
Possible tweet/caption: Keep fruits and veggies as part of your
  child's diet, especially when they begin to self-feed. ​

Possible tw​eet/caption: Does your toddler think vegetable = potato?

Try other choices: http://bit.ly/2xC4Nha​#ToddlerTips

Possible tweet/caption: There a​re ways to avoid picky eating?
That's music to a parent's ears.
Pos​sible tweet/caption: Does your toddler reach for sweets at
   snack time? Offer him fruits and veggies instead:
http://bit.ly/2eJ3rJG ​#ToddlerTips​

Pos​sible tweet/caption: #DYK? Babies and toddlers learn
best from real-life interactions with adults,
not screens! #ToddlerTips

Pos​sible tweet/caption: Once your child starts solid foods,
make sure to feed him plenty of foods with iron.  

Pos​sible tweet/caption: You already know your toddler
has a lot of energy - so be sure to give her lots of ways
to use it! #ToddlerTips
Pos​sible tweet/caption: Eating healthy includes paying attention
to hunger and fullness. Help your child listen to their body by
keeping TV-time food-free.

Pos​sible tweet/caption: DYK? Food advertising is a powerful
force and can impact children's food preferences
and eating behaviors.